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11'0" NSP Longboard (epoxy)

Mid: 25 3/4”
Thick: 4”
Fin: Single

Recommended for: All levels; best for surfers weighing over 200 lbs.

Oh Baby! Turn those summer days into pure exctasy with the new NSP 11'0" cruiser! This modern classic was developed with input from old-time beach boys and is sure to please. Great for dad in small surf or double up the groms and tandem. Surfers of all skill levels will enjoy the smooth friendly glide it offers. E2 Epoxy ensures a super durable board that's lighter than traditional boards this size. Catch any wave to shore with this cruiser. Best for surfing at Waikiki Beach's 'Canoes' surf break or learning to surf. Perhaps the most popular surfboard rental you'll see in a lineup at Waikiki Beach by entry level surfers.

**Please contact your hotel to confirm they can accomodate an 11 ft. longboard.