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Surfboards below are part of our current inventory. Reservations Recommended. Please click on a surfboard of your choice for additional photos and dimensions. For help with choosing a surfboard, please read 'Surfboard Rental Tips'.

The Basics

The best value for sure. The NSP brand surfboards below are fun for all levels of surfing. Whether fresh off a surf lesson or an experienced surfer, these epoxy surfboards are capable of handling the heavy surf on the North Shore or perfect for catching the smaller surf in Waikiki. Includes the 8'0" softboard for the kids. Rental rate $50./2 days and $10. each additional day.


6' NSP
6'8" NSP
6'0" NSP
6'4" NSP
6'8" NSP
7'6" NSP
Best Deal!
8'2" NSP
7'6" NSP
8'0" SOFT
8'2" NSP
8'6" NSP
9'2" NSP
10'2" NSP

Premium Surfboards

Enjoy the feel of a customized surfboard from some of the worlds top shapers. Light, durable and performance based, these surfboards are meant for the experienced surfer. Also includes the 11' NSP for the heavier surfer and wavehogs. Rental rate $70./2 days and $10. a day thereafter.


6'2" Logreco
6'2" Logreco
6'3" Bushman
6'6" Bonga
6'8" Kalama
6'8" Timpone
6'9" Channel Islands
7'0" Rusty
7'6" Bonga
7'6" Bonga
8'0" Walden
9'0" Hobie PSD
9'0" Robert August
9'1" McTavish Fireball
9'0" Hobie
9'0" Robert August
9'1" McTavish
9'6" Tudor Papa Joe
9'6" Hobie
9'6" Takayama In The Pink
9'6" Joel Tudor
9'6" Hobie
9'6" Takayama
9'8" Wingnut NR
10' Bear
9'6" Brewer
9'8" Robert August
10'0" Bear
11' NSP
10'0" Harbour
11'0" NSP

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

Cruise the flat waters or get a head start out in the line up with a stand up paddle board. Adjustable paddle included. Most Waikiki surf shops and beach stands charge $30.-$50. for an SUP. Our rental rate is $90/2 days and $20. a day thereafter.


SUP rental
10'6" Stand Up Paddle
11'0" Stand Up Paddle

Boogie Board

Great for bobbing around in the ocean, catching a long ride, pulling in to a deep barrel or just letting the keikis (kids) play around in the gentle surf. Our boogie boards are only $5. a day! ($40. minimum order requirement)


Boogie Boards

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