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Oahu Surfing Spots

The island of Oahu holds a few of the best surfing spots in the world. Waves on the North and East shores hold strong currents, very powerful surf in the winter and should be challenged by advanced surfers ONLY. Waves on the South shore tend to be a lot more forgiving and are suitable for beginner to intermediate level surfers.


South shore, Waikiki

Canoes - Waikiki's main break just behind the Outrigger Waikiki and Moana Surfrider hotel/ Easy, slow waves/ Perfect for longboarding/ Best in summer and southerly swells/ Popular surfing break for tourist and beginner surfers/ Showers/ Restrooms/ Lifeguards

Queens - Straight off Kuhio Beach Park & Duke Kahanamoku statue/ Long rights, mushy lefts/ Best in summer and southerly swells/ Perfect for longboarding or funboarding/ Popular Waikiki surfing break for both tourist and locals of all levels/ Showers/ Restrooms/ Lifeguards

Threes - Left of the channel (toward Diamond Head) behind the Hilton Hawaiian Village/ Outside sand bar break/ Long right/ Best for intermediate level longboarding or funboarding/ Best during summer & southerly swells/ Best at low tide/ Localized/ Showers/ Restrooms/ Lifeguards

Publics - Across from the Honolulu Zoo and Kapiolani Park/ Nice left/ Best during summer and southerly swells/ Fun for intermediate level longboarding/ Very reefy/ Showers/ Restrooms/ Lifeguards

Cliffs - Below lookout off Diamond Head Rd./ Rights & Lefts/ Fun for longboards, shortboards and boogie boards/ Intermediate level surfing break/ Okay year round/ Popular local surfing break/ Usually choppy from 10am on/ Lots of windsurfers in big trades/ No showers or restrooms/ No lifeguards


North shore, Haleiwa

Puena Pt. - Point break off Haleiwa Beach Park/ Long lefts, short hollow rights/ Fun for longboards, shortboards & boogie boards/ Intermediate-Advanced level waves outside, Beginner waves inside/ Best in winter and big northerly swells/ Showers/ Restrooms/ No lifeguards

Chuns Reef - Second visible surfing break after Haleiwa before Waimea Bay/ Long rights, short lefts/ Fun for longboarding, shortboarding & boogieboarding/ Beginner surfing break during summer, Intermediate-Advanced level surfing break in the winter/ Best in winter and northerly swells/ Showers/ No restrooms/ No lifeguards

West shore, Makaha

Pokai Bay - On military base in Waianae/ Rights & Lefts/ Easy rolling waves for body surfing and beginner surfers/ Best during westerly and possibly south-westerly swells/ Poor access/ Showers/ Restrooms/ Lifeguards

East shore, Kailua

Flat Island - Nice beginner-moderate level surfing spot off Kailua beach just right of Flat Island/ Best for longboarding/ Lefts/ Best during calm weather/ Popular spot for kayaking and kite surfing/ Showers/ Restrooms/ Lifeguards

Cockroach Bay - Just past (or before) Makapuu and Sea Life Park/ Great beginner surf break/ Best for longboarding/ Uncrowded/ No Lifeguards


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