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8'0" Walden Magic Model (Poly)

Mid: 22”
Thick: 2 3/4”
Fin: 2+1

Rental Rate: $70./2 days and $10. each additional day thereafter

Recommended for: Intermediate to Advanced level surfers

The Magic Model is one of the most sophisticated longboards ever designed. Originally built in 1981, the magic model was years ahead of its time and has become the prototype of the modern longboard.

The Magic Model has been tested and improved for over twenty years and today its performance is unmatched. The magic model is a great nose riding board, this is your all around performance longboard, just as fun in small surf as it is in larger waves.

The Magic Model is designed with a concave nose flowing to the middle of the board that transitions into double concave hulls extending to the tail with a moderate “V”. The rails are hard in the rear and soften to the nose to maintain responsiveness in all conditions. Although the rails tend to be harder than most other longboards, the unique bottom curve and beveled rails keep them from catching like most other hard rail boards.